Adventures & Mysteries of the Labrador Inuit
The communities of Nunatsiavut are remote and the landscape is rugged. There are multiple ways to arrive in a commun­ity, and multiple activities to take part in once you arrive.
Nunatsiavut — Our Beautiful Land is a rich and bountiful region. The lands, sky, waters and oceans have sustained the Inuit of Labrador since pre-historic times.
Nunatsiavut is a land of adventure and cultural discovery. Many experiences await. There is something special for every type of traveller to discover.
Our First Time Sailing the Groswater Bay/Rigolet Area
It was one of the best vacations we have ever taken. During this trip we had everything good on our side -- beautiful sunrises and sunsets, temperatures in the 30s, warm breezes, no high winds (except for the 3 hours of rain, wind and thunder and lightning storm when we were near Mason's Island) whales, seals and ducks, friendly and helpful people of Rigolet (who gave us food, tours, helped clean fish nets, helped bring gas to the boat, gave us tours, access to craft store, offered their showers), festivals, mooring under huge mountains and moonlight, shooting stars. We had a fabulous and most memorable vacation.
- Delphina Mercer, St. John's
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