Adventures & Mysteries of the Labrador Inuit
The communities of Nunatsiavut are remote and the landscape is rugged. There are multiple ways to arrive in a commun­ity, and multiple activities to take part in once you arrive.
Nunatsiavut — Our Beautiful Land is a rich and bountiful region. The lands, sky, waters and oceans have sustained the Inuit of Labrador since pre-historic times.
Nunatsiavut is a land of adventure and cultural discovery. Many experiences await. There is something special for every type of traveller to discover.
The Thrill of Rigolet's Annual Salmon Festival
The Rigolet Salmon Festival was a great window into life on the North Coast. Filled with games, smiling faces, and a community feast, it was clear that everyone there was having a great time. One game in particular had contestants jump into a freezing cold bin of ocean water, to sift through the seaweed and other muck that was added in, to catch with their bare hands a scalpin fish. Not an easy task! Once they caught the fish, they had to jump out of the bin, and gut it. Fishing is a huge part of the culture here in Rigolet, and that was clear even in the games that people play. We all went later that evening and feasted on salmon cooked in five different ways. It was delicious!
- Jon Beale, Newfoundland and Labrador
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