About Us

We are the Inuit of Labrador.

In 2005, we signed a land claims agreement that gave us control of our lands again. The agreement provided a foundation to form our own governing system, the Nunatsiavut Government, from which we are now working hard to build opportunities in our communities so that they will thrive far into the future.

Tourism Nunatsiavut is responsible for developing and supporting a vibrant tourism industry in Nunatsiavut. The department will guide the development of a sustainable tourism sector for our communities in ways which honour, respect, and bring benefit to the traditions, legacies, and future of Labrador Inuit.

It is our goal that Nunatsiavut will emerge to be one of the world's most in-demand, quality, circumpolar travel destinations, and will serve as a best practices model for tourism development in the rest of Canada's North.