Rigolet Population: 306
Nestled in a sheltered cove at the entrance to Lake Melville, Rigolet is the most southerly Inuit community in the world.

The community of Rigolet (as it is today) was founded with the help of European explorers and traders visiting the area since the 18th century. These explorers established trading posts to capitalize on the bountiful supply of furs, fish, and whales in the area. Inuit families from throughout the Labrador coast soon migrated to the Rigolet area for the education and employment opportunities that the town began to offer. As a result, many of today's families in Rigolet are descendants of European settlers and the Labrador Inuit.

Rigolet is alive with traditions. The air is full of music with square dancing, while Minke whales (known locally as 'grumpus') swim along the shore of the community. Expert craftspeople and artisans produce handcrafted salt water grass pieces and authentic sealskin garments. One of the longest boardwalk in the world can be found stretching out from Rigolet along the shores of the sea into a spruce and fir tree forest full of historical sites important to the history of Rigolet. The Net Loft Museum and the Lord Strathcona Interpretation Centre both tell the stories of Rigolet as it was and some of the influential Canadians that found their start in the community.

Things to see and do

  • Visit the Net Loft Museum and the Strathcona House Interpretation Centre
  • Hike along one of the longest Boardwalk in the world
  • Learn the unique tradition of grass weaving and purchase unique pieces from local artisans
  • Go whale watching along the coast and capture unforgettable images
  • Learn the World War 2 history in Rigolet
  • Visit during the Tikkiaksaugusik Festival for days of fun and games
  • Experience Rigolet in the summertime during the annual Salmon Festival, which ends off with a community salmon feast
Did you know?

Rigolet is becoming a gateway to the nearby Mealy Mountain National Park – Labrador's newest national park - where community members have spent lifetimes on the land.

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