Travel to Goose Bay
Reaching Happy Valley-Goose Bay is easy! Multiple daily flights arrive in Goose Bay from Halifax, Nova Scotia, St. John's (Newfoundland and Labrador), Quebec City and Montreal (via Wabush, NL). Flights also arrive from smaller regional airports, including Blanc Sablon (Quebec) and Deer Lake or St Anthony (both in Newfoundland and Labrador).

For those that prefer to drive, there is road access through either Quebec or the Island of Newfoundland. Both routes will take you through different parts of Labrador, meeting at Happy Valley-Goose Bay in the middle. While the majority of the road is paved, it should be noted that either route will have prolonged periods of unpaved highway.

Once you arrive in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, you will still need to travel to Nunatsiavut.


Happy Valley-Goose Bay is the administration and transportation hub for Labrador. Located in the middle of the region, all flights to Nunatsiavut are routed through Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The town currently has a population of approximately 8,000 people, and has a diverse economy of provincial civil servants, locally owned and operated businesses, and a large volunteer and not-for-profit sector.

Goose Bay was first created surrounding the construction of an American air base during World War 2. Since that time, the town of Goose Bay has grown with the air base, as it became used for a variety of training exercises with ally countries from throughout the world. Today, the base is owned and operated by the Canadian Forces Air Command, and is known as 5 Wing Goose Bay.

A civilian airport developed along with the Goose Bay air base, and now acts as a vital link for Labrador with the rest of the country (and the world). The infrastructure of the airport is so good, that it is often used by some of the largest aircraft in the world in emergencies. It is also not uncommon for celebrity private aircraft to land to refuel in Goose Bay en route to their final destinations (John Travolta is said to have travelled through Goose Bay often).

The construction of the Trans-Labrador Highway in more recent years has provided a much needed ground link for Goose Bay to the rest of the country. Sea routes are also available, with ships often moving between the island of Newfoundland and the port in Goose Bay.

With air, road, and sea travel routes, Goose Bay has become an important service and transportation hub for Labrador.

Goose Bay and the neighbouring town of Happy Valley were amalgamated in 1974, and the full and proper name today is the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The town offers many amenities for travellers, including hotels, restaurants, rental car agencies and taxis to get you around town.


Travel by Air
If you are flying to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, you will need to be routed through either Halifax (Nova Scotia), St. John's (Newfoundland and Labrador), or Quebec City or Montreal (Quebec) for a connecting flight to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Use your airline's website to find flights to Halifax, St. John's, Quebec City, or Montreal, or consult your travel agent.

Air service from Halifax and St. John's to Goose Bay is provided by Air Canada and Provincial Airlines.

Air service from Quebec City and Montreal is provided by Provincial Airlines via Wabush, NL. For travellers originating on the Island of Newfoundland, Provincial Airlines also offers flights from Deer Lake to Goose Bay.

Taxi service and car rentals are available at the Happy Valley-Goose Bay terminal. Visit for more information about the airport including updated flight arrival and departure times.

Air Travel Times (Direct):

Halifax – Goose Bay1 hour 35 minutes
St. John's – Goose Bay1 hour 30 minutes
Travel by Road
Two driving routes lead to Happy Valley-Goose Bay:

  1. From the province of Quebec you can drive to Labrador City (in western Labrador) and then to Happy Valley-Goose Bay along the Trans-Labrador Highway Route 500. Driving distance from Labrador City is approximately 525 km (315 mi). As of 2016, the majority of the highway through Quebec and Labrador is paved, though there still remain some portions that are not paved (driving time will vary depending on road conditions).

  2. Road travelers in Newfoundland can take the Strait of Belle Isle ferry to Labrador and then drive to Happy Valley-Goose Bay along the Trans-Labrador Highway Route 510. The ferry is a drive-on, drive-off service and the crossing takes about 90 minutes (travelers are strongly encouraged to check the ferry departure times beforehand to minimize delays en route). Driving distance from the ferry terminal to Happy Valley-Goose Bay is about 620 km (370 mi). As of 2016, this route is paved for the first 80 kms (50 mi) and unpaved after that. Plan on the vast majority of the drive to be on a gravel highway (driving time will vary depending on road conditions).

Road Distances to Goose Bay:

Toronto2,322 km1,443 mi
Montreal1,778 km1,105 mi
St. John's1,592 km989 mi
Halifax1,907 km1,185 mi