Adventures & Mysteries of the Labrador Inuit
The communities of Nunatsiavut are remote and the landscape is rugged. There are multiple ways to arrive in a commun­ity, and multiple activities to take part in once you arrive.
Nunatsiavut — Our Beautiful Land is a rich and bountiful region. The lands, sky, waters and oceans have sustained the Inuit of Labrador since pre-historic times.
Nunatsiavut is a land of adventure and cultural discovery. Many experiences await. There is something special for every type of traveller to discover.
Traveling by Twin Otter...What an Experience!
What an experience flying on a Twin Otter to the North Coast! I knew from the roar of the turbines that this flight was going to be different than any I'd ever been on. Flying at 1,000 ft, the whole plane was blessed with perfect views of the land below. Watching how the Churchill River flows next to the Mealy Mountains, cut in two by islands, and knowing when we're getting close to our destination by the appearance of snowmobile tracks kept me glued to the window the entire flight. To see a landscape so close that is so remote that very few people had ever traveled on it fascinated me. I was excited to travel to the North Coast in the first place, and my plane trip there added to my excitement and enjoyment of my trip.
- Jon Beale, Newfoundland and Labrador
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