Adventures & Mysteries of the Labrador Inuit
The communities of Nunatsiavut are remote and the landscape is rugged. There are multiple ways to arrive in a commun­ity, and multiple activities to take part in once you arrive.
Nunatsiavut — Our Beautiful Land is a rich and bountiful region. The lands, sky, waters and oceans have sustained the Inuit of Labrador since pre-historic times.
Nunatsiavut is a land of adventure and cultural discovery. Many experiences await. There is something special for every type of traveller to discover.
My First Visit to Labrador...
My first visit to Labrador...finally! My adventure began with the twin-otter plane from Goose Bay flying cosy at around 6000 ft. We were minutes on our way to Nain when it began: my enchanting journey over this ancient land and across to this unspoiled coast. The texture is what surprised and delighted me the most: the varied land, the smooth and undulating geology, the piercing trees, the bright moss,, the distant mountains, the glacial lakes, the terraced bogs, the curved inlets, the endless sea, the soft skyline...all blending and switching up proportions in my mind. Labrador is where the earth's essential elements collide yet fully embrace each other. This. Must. Be. One of the most astonishing places on the planet. I want, no, need to return...
- Terri McColloch, Nova Scotia
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