Community Adventures
Adventure awaits you on your trip to Nunatsiavut!

Our lands are wild and our history is ancient. Our communities live their Inuit culture every day. The night sky is full of stars shining bright and the Northern Lights dance over the world below. A perfect stillness fills your ears.

Whether travelling to Nunatsiavut on your own or as part of a group, there are endless opportunities for adventure.

What type of experience are you looking to have?
Ideas for Adventure
  • Cruise the coastline through fjords, and view seals, polar bears, and bird colonies with one of several cruise operators (see Cruise and the Northern Ranger Experience)
  • Learn about the history of the Inuit and early interactions with Europeans in the many community museums. Then go and visit the historic sites, visiting tent rings dating back thousands of years and European buildings still standing from the 18th and 19th centuries (see National Historic Sites)
  • Hop in a boat and go whale watching and iceberg viewing. Cast a rod into the sea and go fishing for arctic char, trout, and cod while you're at it
  • Hike through the wild lands of Nunatsiavut with an Inuit guide. Spend the day looking for caribou and other wildlife while learning about the deep respect our communities have for the wilderness around them
  • Spend the night outdoors, camping under the Northern Lights
  • Visit in the winter time and go dog-sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, and ice-fishing (see Winter)
  • Spend an afternoon with an elder, listening to stories and picking wild blueberries, cloudberries, or partridgeberries
  • Explore the hand-made crafts on display at the craft centre, and get a lesson in making seal skin moccasins and gloves, grass woven baskets, and soapstone carvings
  • Take in the fun and celebration at a community festival (see Cultural Calendar)
  • Spend the day relaxing in the complete quiet of the community, enjoying local delicacies like smoked arctic char, and partridgeberry jam
  • Take a helicopter ride to explore areas that have never received visitors