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Our First Time Sailing the Groswater Bay/Rigolet Area
It was one of the best vacations we have ever taken. During this trip we had everything good on our side -- beautiful sunrises and sunsets, temperatures in the 30s, warm breezes, no high winds (except for the 3 hours of rain, wind and thunder and lightning storm when we were near Mason's Island) whales, seals and ducks, friendly and helpful people of Rigolet (who gave us food, tours, helped clean fish nets, helped bring gas to the boat, gave us tours, access to craft store, offered their showers), festivals, mooring under huge mountains and moonlight, shooting stars. We had a fabulous and most memorable vacation.
Delphina Mercer, St. John's
Awe Inspiring Visit to Nain
The conference of the International Tourism Research Network provided me with an opportunity to visit Nain. This was my first, but definitely not my last, time in Labrador. The vastness of the land and seascape is mind-numbing and awe-inspiring, and the friendliness of the people there is heart-warming and comforting. I have rarely felt so welcome at any other place I visited. For me, it was stimulating to see how much interest the Nain community had in our research, and I hope that we could give something back to the people of Nain. I am already looking forward to my next visit (when I would love to experience the Torngat Mountains -- a place that is so special to the people of Labrador).
Daniela Liggett, New Zealand
An Impression of Wholeness...I Will Come Again
I first set foot on Labrador this spring [2012], visiting Nain and doing excursions around the area. The first thing that struck me is the vastness of the wilderness. The seemingly endless expanses of hills and forests and uninhabited coastline gave the empowering impression of wholeness, i.e. being one with the Earth and its expanses. The friendliness of the people and their accommodating spirit did only enhance this experience. Labrador! I will come again.
Edward H. Huijbens, Iceland
My First Visit to Labrador...
My first visit to Labrador...finally! My adventure began with the twin-otter plane from Goose Bay flying cosy at around 6000 ft. We were minutes on our way to Nain when it began: my enchanting journey over this ancient land and across to this unspoiled coast. The texture is what surprised and delighted me the most: the varied land, the smooth and undulating geology, the piercing trees, the bright moss,, the distant mountains, the glacial lakes, the terraced bogs, the curved inlets, the endless sea, the soft skyline...all blending and switching up proportions in my mind. Labrador is where the earth's essential elements collide yet fully embrace each other. This. Must. Be. One of the most astonishing places on the planet. I want, no, need to return...
Terri McColloch, Nova Scotia
Experiencing the Community of Nain
I greatly enjoyed my visit to Labrador's northernmost town, Nain. It is nestled in a glacial delta along the stunning coast that leads to the Torngat Mountains. Although I did not have time to visit the Torngats on this trip, I heard much about that area and the village of Hebron from the local residents. It was inspiring to hear the people speak so passionately about the land and their historic and spiritual connections to it. On my last evening in town I was delighted to join some local folks for a hike up Nain Hill (which would easily quality as a mountain back home). There we stood on the top of the world watching the setting sun around 10:30 pm. Life doesn't need to get better than that!
Terri McColloch, Nova Scotia
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