Ferry Service
Hop aboard the Kamutik W for direct service to all five Nunatsiavut communities. This coastal ferry service operates each summer from roughly June to November (the ice-free season). The Kamutik W departs Happy Valley-Goose Bay and visits each community on its voyage north. At Nain (most northerly community), it turns around and revisits each community on the return trip to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The Kamutik W is a very popular transportation option for local residents of Nunatsiavut – whether it be returning home from school, taking a trip to Happy Valley-Goose Bay to meet with friends, or to ship cargo back home to stock up for the coming winter, everyone uses the Kamutik W.

Several types of accommodations are available on the ferry, from a basic berth to a deluxe cabin. Book a room and enjoy the scenery as you travel up the coast – wild lands and mountains await. Make sure to keep an eye to the sky in the evening for an amazing view of the stars above. And keep your ears open - there are many stories to be heard while you sail northwards...

Independent Travel

The Kamutik W service is operated by Woodward Group of Companies in partnership with Nunatsiavut Marine.

To schedule your travel or for further information, including schedules and rates, please visit the Nunatsiavut Marine website.