Travel to Nunatsiavut Communities
Traditional Inuit life was mobile and followed a seasonal schedule. Today's year-round, permanent communities developed during the 19th century with the new influences of European missionaries and traders.

There are five communities in Nunatsiavut. They are (from north to south):

Each community has a population that ranges from 250-1,200 people. Nain, the northern most community, is the largest. The residents of Nunatsiavut are primarily Inuit, descendents of the prehistoric Thule people who occupied the Labrador coast more than a thousand years ago.

You may travel to these Nunatsiavut communities today by air or sea. Both travel options offer spectacular experiences with the surrounding landscape.
Travel by Air
Travel to Nunatsiavut Communities
Scheduled flights by Air Labrador and Provincial Airlines depart Happy Valley-Goose Bay and 'hop' from community to community along the North Labrador coast. All planes are 19 passenger Twin Otter aircraft. Departure days and times are available at each airline's website.

Each community has a gravel airstrip and a terminal building, operated and maintained by Transport Canada (Government of Canada). The airlines employ an agent in each community.

Coastal weather can sometimes cause delays in air travel. Air travelers in northern communities should stay in touch with the local airline agent for flight updates.
Air Travel Times (One Way)
Goose Bay - Rigolet 40 minutes
Rigolet - Makkovik 25 minutes
Makkovik - Postville 10 minutes
Postville - Hopedale 20 minutes
Hopedale - Nain* 55 minutes
Direct Flight from Goose Bay - Nain 1 hour 10 minutes

*Note: The Hopedale – Nain route stops in the Innu community of Natuashish before Nain.
Travel By Sea
Travel to Nunatsiavut by Sea
Travellers looking for a more leisurely mode of transport can embark on the M/V Kamutik W during its weekly passenger run along the North Coast.

This coastal ferry service operates each year from roughly June to November (the ice-free season). The Kamutik departs Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Mondays and visits each community on its voyage north. At Nain it turns around and revisits each community on the return trip to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, arriving back in town on Friday evening. There is also a weekend run to Rigolet if you are planning a shorter trip..

Travelling on board the M/V Kamutik will allow you to experience all five of our Inuit communities twice in five days while constantly seeing our beautiful coastline. The friendly staff on board will help you out in any way they possibly can. Several types of accommodations are available on the Kamutik, from a basic berth to a deluxe cabin.

For more information, please see the Northern Ranger Experience.

For scheduling and fare information, please visit the Nunatsiavut Marine website.
Ferry Travel Times (One Way)
Goose Bay - Rigolet 7 hours
Rigolet - Makkovik 10.5 hours
Makkovik - Postville 3 hours
Postville - Hopedale 4.5 hours
Hopedale - Nain** 14.5 hours

*Note: All times do not account for the roughly 2-3 hours off-loading freight in each community.

**Note: The Hopedale - Nain ferry stops in the Innu community of Natuashish before Nain. 14.5 hours represents the time travelling on the ferry, and does not account for a scheduled 14 hour layover in Natuashish.

If you love snowmobiling, you will love Nunatsiavut during the winter months! Once the ground freezes and snow arrives, we trade in our trucks, cars, and ATVs for snowmobiles. And if you REALLY love to snowmobile, why don't you travel from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to one of our communities on a groomed snowmobile trail?

During the winter months, you can find groomed trails from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Rigolet, Postville, and Makkovik. The travel time varies but it could take you between seven to ten hours to reach your destination. The Postville and Makkovik trails are the longest, and there are a few cabins built along the trail – no better way to stretch your legs!

To find out more about the groomed winter trails or the current condition of the trail, please contact one of the following local community governments:

Rigolet Inuit Community Government at 709-947-3382
Postville Inuit Community Government at 709-479-9830
Makkovik Inuit Community Government at 709-923-2221