Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve
The Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve protects a stunning array of pristine landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife, as well as cultural landscapes important to the Innu and Inuit of the region. Undisturbed watersheds and wild rivers, remote glacially-rounded mountain summits, tundra, and boreal forest all provide habitats to a variety of wildlife, including the threatened Mealy Mountain caribou herd, Atlantic salmon and trout, wolves, black bear, marten, and fox.

An extensive 50-kilometre stretch of unbroken sandy beaches can also be found at the edge of the park. Known as the Wunderstrand, these beaches were recorded in ancient Viking sagas as Viking explorers recounted their voyages of exploration along the Labrador Coast.

The Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve is the second national park in Labrador and is 10,700 square kilometers, roughly the size of Jamaica.

Access to the park can be arranged in Rigolet.